Basic Roblox Guide for the Outset

Roblox is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) which allows you to create your-robot-self and design your virtual world with blocks, which initiate the imagination of the users. So, here are some basic points of Roblox guide which will help you to start. Before we start for the guides, it is necessary for you to have Roblox Studio. However, if you have already played a Roblox game, the studio will have been automatically installed. If haven’t, you can get it in the Roblox website.

For the first step, open your Roblox Studio. The studio will show the welcome page and just choose one of the game templates. After you make the new game, you have to modify the parts or the blocks. There are some tools inside the studio to modify the part. “Move tool” allows you to move the parts, “rotate tool” to rotate the parts, “scale tool” to resize the parts, “color tool” to give your parts with some different colors, and “material tool” to let you choose the material of each part. Then, click the “save”, so you can start your game online.

Another Roblox guide is to make the building. You have to make the foundation first by using part button. Change the color and the material of each part. For the foundation, you can use metal or wood with black or brown color. Design your foundation. You can also use the copy and paste button to make it easier.

In addition, don’t forget to create windows. For windows, you can use blue color. To make the windows transparent, open the properties window then click on the glass part. Find transparency, and set it as you like.

Well, following Roblox guide to create the door is clearly important. First, make a rectangular frame for the door and create 1x1x1 part then place it on the right-bottom of the frame, it is to hold the hinges for the door, so it allows rotation for the door. Click the surface tool and choose hinge. Make another 1x1x1 part on the right-top of the frame and do the same. Then, make a new part for the door itself, and scale it so it fits with the frame. However, if it doesn’t perfectly fit the frame, make it smaller than the frame to allow the door to open.

After you learn those basic simple things, it would be fun to play. You can also learn about the Roblox hack, so you will get more fun. However, the Roblox guide above is enough to ensure your happy Roblox gameplay.

Pixel Gun 3D hack download for Android, iOS, and Windows



It is no doubt, Pixel Gun 3D is one of the most popular multiplayer war games. You can download this game in playstore or appstore or even windows stores for free, however, you can also purchase resources with real money. Nowadays, numerous players use Pixel Gun 3D hack download to obtain free unlimited gems and coins to boost their armors. Play this game and meet people across the world in the multiplayer mode. You can also play single player survival mode. Regardless of the mode that you choose, you can defeat your enemies easily by making the most of the free resources.

Pixel Gun 3D hack download for Android

Get unlimited in-game money by setting up the apk for Android devices. To install the .apk, you need to download it to your Android device. After that, copy the “com.pixel.gun3d” folder into the “android/obb”. When you are done, open the game and have fun playing. This Pixel Gun 3D hack download is totally safe.

If you prefer downloading the game from the playstore, you can use offline hack tool that require you to download it in your computer. After you extract the hack tool, connect your device to the computer. After that, choose “Android” platform and verify your device. One your device is verified, you can input the amount of gold and gems that you desire. The free resources will be inserted to the game right away.

Hack tool for iOS and Windows

For iOS and Windows users, it is advised to improve your gaming performance by using Pixel Gun 3D cheat online. Initially, you have to pick the best site which offers hack tool for Pixel Gun 3D by carefully analyzing the features and services that are available all over the internet. Once you have chosen the hack site, start hacking right away. You are usually asked to input your username which you use in the game. After that, input the amount of gems and coins that you want. Lastly, the free resources will be delivered to your account after approximately 60 seconds.

Pixel Gun 3D hack download is totally free, thus, you can use it without paying anything. The majority of the tools available come with the anti-ban measures. Do not worry, you will not be detected as cheating. Moreover, many hack tools are free from viruses, malwares, and spywares. You can install the tool all you want with no risk. If the safety and security of the tool are still budging you, you can use the online generator. The hack tools will definitely give you a large number of benefits in the game.

Top 3 Boom Beach Astuce Tutorial

Boom Beach Astuce Tutorial


Boom Beach astuce tutorial is everything that has been arranged, described, and also has been made as simplest as possible. This kind of tutorial is the guidance that has been made for all the players so that they can get the unlimited numbers of gold, coins, and also gem at the same time. Players will also know the ways on how to spend 600 gold to get 300 wood. Sometimes when you have time to compare the price of transforming the trees into wood and also buying the wood from the diamonds from the premium offers, the first options seems fairer than the second one.


Have the Boom Beach Astuce Tutorial A Try

Boom Beach is another influential and popular game that the people can found among the Playstore. Yes, this Supercell child has already established its flag and those people who had been hypnotized by the creative way of playing from Clash of Clan will also adopt this kind of game as well. No wonder, the first month when this game has been released, the numbers of the players who have downloaded this game have reached more than a million.

Boom Beach astuce tutorial can be the simplest way that they can consider in order to give the guidance and also tutorials for the players to follow. These tutorials will show you the step by step instructions that you might not get from the official game exactly on the descriptive box. Probably on the descriptive text or the descriptive box you will only see how large the size is and how to play this kind of game. Then the people will be too thirst to have a lot of information to absorb.

Boom Beach astuce tutorial is not just a tutorial on how to play the game. This tutorial contains of the information like how to gain more gems or diamonds, coins, and also gold without spending a single dollar to have one. Indeed, it takes speculation to have those three precious things in the game.

However, when you want to have the shortcuts without too many kinds difficulties, you can have the Boom Beach hack tool to simply provide the gems, coins, and also gold without struggling hard. What about you? Which one do you prefer to choose, the simplest one or the longer one without speculation of losing your game account? You can have the answer in Boom Beach astuce tutorial.

The Banner Saga Strategies And Techniques To Combat

You will be able to overcome the darkness with these The Banner Saga Strategies, tips, and techniques. The Banner Saga is a new role playing game where you are playing in a team fighting enemies of darkness. Your duty is to stop an army of Dredge from invading through the forests and hills.

The Banner Saga


The Banner Saga Strategies In Combat

You will lead a team of 6 party members to fight against enemy’s team of 6 units. The Dredge is the common enemy you will encounter in addition to the Varl and evil humans. The best The Banner Saga Strategies to help you win in combat is by defeating your enemy quickly and focus to attack larger and stronger units first such as slingers. You will surely win with these tips since the remaining weaker units will only deal insignificant damages to your units. It is best to choose kill and expedite your opponent if you have to choose either AIM or KILL the enemy units. Make sure to use 4 spaces to defeat a Defender so moves carefully.

The Banner Saga Strategies In Health

The health of your units is affected by the strength and armor but it is more known as strength that also affects the attack power. A unit that takes more damage to their Strength will have lower attack. Before you attack enemy’s Strength, it is best to reduce armor of an enemy unit first in the attacking mode. In order to decrease their Strength, you can simply attack the enemy units that have a very high-level strength straightforwardly. Contrary, you must break the armor first if a unit has really high armor before you can take down the strength with this The Banner Saga Strategies. Choosing to attack unit’s Strength or Armor first allow you to reduce the enemy to half life.

The Banner Saga Strategies To Level Up Unit

Make sure you decide the unit’s role on the combat zone before upgrading their skills since you can only level up a unit up to 5. Your unit’s health and attack power is based on strength. Keep this stat as high as possible since its attack is lower if the unit is injured. The defense rating is dictated by the armor. Targeting unit’s Strength will damage unit’s Armor. Attacking the armor of an enemy will deal the amount of damage called Break. There is constant amount of break throughout a battle to reduce the enemy’s armor unlike strength. Remember this The Banner Saga Strategies to survive the battle.

Clash Royale Triche Android in Simple Steps


Clash Royale Triche


Clash Royale Triche Android is the best triche of Clash Royale that is totally worked and trusted more than anything. If you are curious and anxious about the best triche of Clash Royale in the cyber world, there is no way that this triche does not work well. For some people a kind of triche or trick, in English language, might be like a speculation. It can sometimes work out but it sometimes fools you like an idiot. In order to avoid this kind of trickster, you can trust in anything that is written and conveyed here perfectly.

Clash Royale Triche Android Gives the Best Solution

Clash Royale Triche Android can be used if you have mobile devices which are connected into your Wifi or other internet connection with strong speed. Why it has to be that speedy? It is because in order to have this hack tool existed on your Android, you have to download the application or the hack tool APK whose size is as large as the game of Clash Royale itself. Is there anything else that you have wanted so badly but you are too ashamed to tell all of the people? For example, you do want to do some cheat on your online game but you do not want to get bullied? This triche exists for all users who feel the same way.

The best solution for something that you want so badly might not come in the legal way. It can be from cheating the system, hacking using some certain applications, and many more. If you are very curious about the steps in downloading the Clash Royale Triche Android, you can follow them through some simple ways. The very beginning would be all same started from entering the username and also your password, as always. After it processes the result, the pop up column will greet you to fill the number of what you really wanted. Yes, those gems and coins. Finally, wait for the program to process your order.

There is no perfect life rather than getting all the excitement of your Clash Royale. You can show off what you have gained. You can beat your mates that have challenged you over and over again. You can tell them the exact feeling of getting those strong buildings and characters. Unless you have the trick with you, you will never feel pampered like a king with the help of Clash Royale Triche Android.

Hay Day Hack Tool Triche to Quickly Grow your Farm

Hay Day is one of the most well-known free to play games that you can get on the App store but you have to spend a lot of money in in-app purchases if you are not careful. These are a couple of Hay Day triche on how to get ahead in this game and you do not have to spend a lot of money.


Hay day hack triche proof


Keep enough seed crops

The yield on the every crop that you plant will be doubled upon harvest. One unit of corn will be planted in your field yields, while two corn units will be planted in your silo. You do not have to use all of the seeds in your silo in order to fill lucrative order. You have to plant these seeds and you have to make sure that you keep enough seeds on your hand in order to create the products that you desire later. If you do not have enough seeds on your hand, you have to use diamonds in order to purchase more seeds. As soon as your farm grows, you will have to supply your livestock with feed constantly. You must have a good stock of corn, soybeans, wheat and other feed in your silo.

Plant crops at night

A couple of crops only take a couple of minutes to occur such as carrots, corn and wheat, all of these plants take less than ten minutes to pop out. Other plants such as indigo and pumpkins will take a couple of hours to pop out. You have to make sure that you plant these crops once you go to your bed or if will busy with your job for a couple of hours, so when you get back from your activity, you can harvest and use them as you want.

Do not be afraid to say no to your visitors

Sometimes a lot of visitors come to your farm to buy your goods but they do not want to pay a premium for your goods. So you do not have to be afraid to say no to your visitors. Your visitors will not take offense and they are going to come again soon as soon as the mood strikes your visitors.

To fill your coffers, you can use roadside stand

Instead of selling your goods to your visitors, it is better for you to sell them to your friends and followers.

Top Recommended Simcity Buildit Hack Tips that You can do

Today, I would like to inform you Simcity Buildit hack tips exclusively for you who are very curious to create your dream city through this game. SimcityBuildit will never be a boring game as long as we can build anything we need as the mayor of the city. We cannot deny that resources are difficult to be obtained in a normal game without hack. These tips are not always made you become hacker and get banned from the game. I guarantee the tips are safe for your account and the city because the system will cover it all securely.




Developing your population

The first tip of our Simcity Buildit hack tips is how to develop your population. It is very important to make some attractiveness for your city in order to get better tax and of course the population. In other words, you create your city into larger community than before. By this effort, you will have no difficulties to grow your dream city. How to do this is by building some entertaining places such as amusement parks. Keeping their happiness is the great strategy to get more cash and tax from your citizens. Moreover, building households with a lot of innovations is the second step in growing your population.

Giving public services

The next tip of Simcity Buildit hack tips is by giving your residential zones with some public services. Public services here refer to the necessary building such as police station, hospital and firehouses. You must place them near the residential zones of your citizens. By doing this, I believe the problem will be solved faster and your population will happier. After that, you are able to increase the tax for this reason. The result should be balance with their happiness obviously. Otherwise, the negative effect won’t appear easily. If you have no these building, please construct them immediately. The key is inside your city’s region.

Try to Hack

Last but not least of these recommended Simcity Buildit hack tips, you can download hack tools which available here. When you think this game is hard, why do not you try our tools? You will get so many benefits instead of doing it normally with much time consuming. Simply download and connect your devices then set up the amount of your resources like Simeleons, Cash and EXP. It will make the game easier and your dream city will be coming true. Do not forget to click start hack button after the tool is running because common people usually do this mistake.

Cars: Fast As Lightning Tips and Tricks How To Be The Winner

Cars Fast As Lightning Cover


Cars: Fast as Lightning is a racing game for Smartphones and Tablets where you can join Lightning McQueen in the afresh released game. From impressive tracks in Radiator Springs to conversant characters from both the first Cars movie along with the second, you can fully plunge yourself in the Cars world. A few exciting jobs to complete include getting coins, modifying your tracks, and racing. Everyone would enjoy watching their favored cars, in consort with some new characters for all ages. To earn extra rewards, you can race alongside people you know on diverse tracks with the choice to add friends.

Everyone’s new favorite game

You will enjoy the game if you are extremely devoted to the Cars movie. You will get thrilled to play. There are very clear guide on how to move and finish missions as this game is very user friendly. You can get help from Lightning bubbles and Mater at the top left corner if you do not know what to do next. The intricate nature of the game is very impressing. Most games for kids are very simplistic, but Cars: Fast as Lightning allow you to get more coins and upgrade your stats by building up Radiator Springs not just racing against characters from the movie.

Absolutely Free To Play

In-app purchases are not a must in the Cars: Fast as Lightning. But it is an option if you’d like to buy things. You do not need to utilize the in-app purchase option as you can buy what you need using coins in the game earned from build up the town, additional races, and complete other tasks. Make sure that you have that setting switched off if your kids play this game. If you do not turn off this setting, the in-app purchasing is very easy to access. You can avoid additional charges when in-app purchasing settings are turned off.

This game is extremely addicting making it a fantastic game that makes you continue playing. It will definitely be a highlight making your own race tracks besides seeing and racing alongside accustomed characters. You will agree this is a great family game, or just general racing against each other. Cars: Fast as Lightning is the game for you if you recognize the Cars and love to race.


Rebuilding a whole town is the first part of the two key gameplay supports. There are those waiting bars and simple controls in Cars: Fast as Lightning just like other town building games. You can pay real life money to make them go faster. Without spending any money you are able to play the entire game although you have to wait fairly some time. So, when your little one is playing the game on your device, you will feel safe, especially as you are able to fully turn the IAP off.

By playing the race segments of the game and getting some gems, you can unlock everything without paying up. It is very simple for the races. You just need to hold down the gas pedal and let it go in a slide, and press it again when you’re ready. This is similar the old electric cars where you hold a controller with one button to accelerate. The Cassa Della, Luigi’s Tire shop, or Flo’s V8 Cafe are some Radiator Springs landmarks you can unlock in Cars: Fast as Lightning.


Clash of Kings Hack Tool Download

Building your own empire will never be difficult when you have Clash of Kings hack tool download. Yeah, the coins and time estimation when building something is making us bored to wait the development of our kingdom, right? It will be easier for us if hack the game and just war directly with other players. Do not be worried because we have the tools which you need in this article. For your information, Clash of Kings is one of strategy game that require the player to buy premium feature such as coins to make the development faster than normal players who do not buy premium feature.





Unlimited coin is not only the feature of our Clash of Kings hack tool download. You can also make the woods, foods and gold which very important to develop your empire become unlimited. We know that newbie players hate to play from the zero because it will waste their much time. Instant building and coins can be their solution, right? If you are one of them, just download our hack tool in this website instantly. If you do not believe us, try it by yourself before falling behind other Clash of Kings players who already test this hack tool.

How to Use

This Clash of Kings hack tool download is very easy to use. You just need to download it and do not require a rooted smartphone after all. After you download the tool, connect your device to your PC via Bluetooth, USB cable or WiFi. Then, starts the hack tool to detect whether your device is connected or not. Change all values that you need like gold, coins or other premium features you want. The final move is clicking hack button and unplug the device from your PC. At last, you can play the Clash of Kings via your smartphone with different amount of coins as your options before.

If you are worried that our Clash of Kings hack tool download will be detectable by the developer, you are wrong. We believe this fresh tool won’t be easily detected by them because our technicians are professional. If this tool won’t work, it will appear the fix immediately on the site. We also guaranteed the tool is safe one hundred percent. Most of hack tool for this game require a root version of your Android or iOs. However, this tool will work perfectly without rooting. So, our tool is undetectable and free from rooting your device.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Tactict and Strategy Guides

Go to glory with a troop of Samurai, eastern imaginary monsters and Ninjas. Construct an immense stronghold from simple village. Build great soldiers and battle against other players. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is a Multiplayer free to play battle strategy game for Android or iOS. You have to build and upgrade your village and troop to defend or fight against armies of enemy samurai, battering rams, ninjas, and creatures.


Samurai Siege Tips and Tricks

Game features

As you fight evil through multiple environments from snowy mountains, opulent forests, and deserts, discover a mystic world. Seize booty and steal uncommon pieces by attacking other players from all over the world. Or create the most commanding Union by joining armies with other players. Strive to control the land and engage with other unions. Though it is free to play, there is in-game purchase using real money. You can chat and share battles with your team.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is way more much better combatant system and balanced than CoC. Make sure you figure out how to play the game so you know how to protect your base. Upgrading is easy and you are hardly spending diamond to max out level 10 Castle. The game requires you to play more often a week just to keep up. This game allows you to imagine of being a samurai. Wearing sword by your side and an awesome suit of armor, you can dispense cold hard justice when necessary and protect the people of small villages.

First impressions

You can predict that Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is Clash of Clans clone with a Japanese theme. The game plot is about how your village is demolished after a raid. You must rebuild and gather resources to get strong. Resources include Essence and Coins. You build defenses using Coins, and train new troops using Essence. Your troops can be sent to battles but there is no direct control over them. Just hit on location and they will appear and attack buildings automatically. You can collect more resources or defend your village by building new buildings, and then wait for them to complete. Otherwise, you can spend real money to speed up the process.


You have to spend $4.99 to get 1,000 Diamonds. From adding up your Coins and Essence to avoiding wait timers, every type of activity can use these diamonds. You can add your Essence full ten times 50 percent, hop about two days’ wait time worth, or five times add your Coins up With 1,000 Diamonds.


You can request troops from the get-go to rebuild the Alliance Portal. The Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars will always propose you battle an online opponent when you start out to battle. And you get involved with Wars the moment you’re in an Alliance. You can dominate the leaderboards battle fighting for all Alliances one another in Wars. This is the different to the Clash of Clans. Wait times are a little too long. The ninjas can be unlocked that specialize in stealing money. All troops you use in battles will be lost for good.

Play and win clash of clans with clash of clans hack tool

Clash of clans is that is very popular right now, many people become addict to this game, the game is so fun and so interesting, the goal from this game is to build and develop a village and make it become stronger, you can battle with other player around the world and also join in the community clans or build your own clan and make the strongest clan in the world. Then, Clash of clans hack now is available. It treats your curiosity about the cheat of this game


clash of clans hacked


How To Play Clash Of Clans

First you need to know is the goal from this game is develop village and keep your own village safe from other player, so the first thing you need to do is build strong defense to protect your village, after that you can start to train army to attack other village, you can start by build an wall all around your village and then cannon or archer tower to protect the village.

The second step is build resources. Resources are the most essential thing in clash of clans you can’t build something without resources. There are 2 types of resources in clash of clans. They are gold and elixir. You need gold to build and upgrade your defense such as mortar, cannon, archer tower, and wizard tower. And you will need elixir to upgrade and build army and spell. So you will need elixir collector and gold mine to produce both elixir and gold. You will allow building 2 elixir collector and 2 gold mines in the first time. So if you have enough elixir and gold you should build the elixir storage and gold mine.

The third step is, train your army to attack other village, in the first time you will only allow to use barbarian to attack both in multiplayer or single player mode. Train 20 barbarians and wait 5 minutes to finish the train. You can deploy your entire barbarian at once or spread it around the village it your call. If you win the battle you will get 2000 gold and elixir that you can use for train army or upgrade your defense. That all the basic from playing clash of clans! It is hope this article can help to people who want to try playing clash of clans.

Clash of clans Hack Tutorial

If you always be losers in this game, it is time for you to try Clash of clans hack tutorials below. It is free and even it doesn’t allow you to root you phone at first. Go to Clash of clans hack and enter your email / username. Type on the form that contains gold, elixers and gems. Type with a real nominal you want. When the progress are shown on the bar, you will see “Terms Of Service Agreement” Yes and it has been successfully.

Boom Beach Hack Tool

boom beach


Boom Beach hack is one of the most wanted hacking software in the world nowadays because of the popularity of the game. The high quality of this game is the reason for this. It does not matter if players are professional gamers or beginners, this Boom Beach hack will make you win this game very quick because it is one of the best game ever which ever developed. Supercell Company has been developed this game and this company are known for creating Clash of Clans which is the most phenomenal game which ever created.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is different game and players who played both game think and feel that Boom Beach is more popular than its predecessor because Boom Beach has better graphic, better game play and user experience on whole new level. There are a couple of ways that you can do to enhance fun factors in this game but sometimes it can be little bit difficult to choose which are the best ways that you have to use.

Boom Beach hack tool features

Before you are using this Boom Beach hack, these are a couple of advantages that you get after you are using this hack.

  • Gold, diamonds or woods can be generated with a tap or click of a finger or button. That is how simple and easy to use this Boom Beach hacks.
  • Boom Beach hack works properly on any mobile device, iOS, Android , iPads, PC, tablets and generally anything which supports this game application.
  • You do not have to jailbreak your device for this generator. You do not have to worry about it because it is really optimized.
  • You can use this generator whenever you want. And you do not have to worry about being ban. You can add as many diamonds, resources and gold that you want.
  • There are no footprints because everything is web-based so this 100% safe to use it.
  • This generator includes new anti-ban technology as well as proxy servers. Developers of Boom Beach hack took a long step to deliver extra safety which can be offered by this tool.

As you know that there are a couple of advantages which have been offered by this Boom Beach hack. It is up to you to take advantage of this Boom Beach hack and beat your enemies.

What Should You Know Before Playing Heroes Charge

Heroes Charge is the nice online game can you play in your android. Nowadays, most of the people like to play online games because the high technology created that provides so many things can be used to play the game. There are so many online games which are addicting the people from the children, especially teenager, and some adults do it also. Some games are using the character of the adorable heroes from the film and some other sources. Well, this article just wants to tell you about how to play this game so that you can do it yourself.


Heroes charge


What should be known in playing Heroes Charge?

There are some things to be known well if you want to play this game. Yes, this game is unique and pleasant because the nice animation characters used. The characters can be shown on the heroes menu on the wall of this game. You can choose the heroes you like in this menu. When you choose the heroes, you can also upgrade the skill of the heroes you want. There are three levels on the hero’s skill, red for the strong, agility with the sign of the green shoes, and also intelligent with the sign of blue brain.

Guys, you can place your heroes at some position, at the back, center, or at the front. The nice position of your heroes will make your hero save from the rival. The other menu you will see in the game Heroes Charge is about the Inventory menu. You can see the nice things in this inventory menu. There will be so many items have been collected in this menu. All items from the campaign and the others collected in this menu guys!

The other menus such as Quests menu, daily event menu, main town, and also battle system will you see in this game also. The quests menu shows you about some quests have been quested. So, you will know about how far your ability in doing quests. Then, the daily event menu will show you to do the claims reward have been finished in a day. Well, you can download it as soon as possible and get the wonderful time in playing this game! If you are still confused with this game, it is surely that you can play it directly after having it in your gadget. Have a wonderful time in playing Heroes Charge guys!