Call of Duty: Infinite War Upgrades and Fix for the Bugs

There are some improvements and updates for the new Call of Duty: Infinite War. If you are playing the game on Xbox One or PS4, you should know that there are some updates for the 1.07 versions. You don’t have to worry about the bug issues anymore – they have been taken care of. You can be sure that the new improvements will be a blast. If you don’t believe it, check some of the website discussing the game and preview the video. There is no doubt that you would want to play the game ASAP.


Call of Duty: Infinite War Important Improvements

Guns are very important in this type of game. Without guns, you are hopeless – and be prepared to die. You can expect a new collection, names as Mark II. The cool thing about this gun is that you can get 15% XP for every kill you have made. In the event that you want to unlock some of the cool stuffs in Call of Duty: Infinite War, you can use the Zombies Crates or Supply Drops. There will be new accessories, calling cards, and even new camos options – complete with the animals, country flags, and so much more.


Call of Duty: Infinite War and the General Fix

There are also some additional general fix you can expect from this Call of Duty: Infinite War, such as:

  • The fix for the friendly players that aren’t visible on the minimal when control the R-C8 manually
  • The adjustment for the audio when it is being shot
  • The fix for some of the maps
  • The fix for MP split screen
  • The fix for the Team Assignment disable option so you don’t need to have the custom game mode anymore to pick a team


Those are just some improvements made by the new updates. And heads up for the different platforms or consoles – just to be in case. In the Xbox One, there will be performance improvement one when you are playing in the splitscreen mode – but such thing hasn’t been reported for the PS4.


Call of Duty: Infinite War Problems

Despite the upgrades, some of the avid gamers aren’t really happy with it. Most of them claim that the updates aren’t exactly what they have in mind.  In the event that you are playing the Xbox and you experience the error code POLANA, you may want to restart the game. Or you can change the setting to the Energy Saving mode –implement that for All Settings arrangement. For the Call of Duty: Infinite War PC version, it may take a little while.


Smartphone Version of Township Review

The popularity of Township is relatively high. This game is categorized under casual section on the Google Play Store. The popularity of this game can be seen on the Township review on Google Play Store. The rating for this casual game is more than 4.4 stars. Most reviewers mention that the best thing about the game is about the gameplay and the graphic. The gameplay is mostly about simulation of how to develop a town. Meanwhile, the graphic is using good animation. The control used to navigate through the game is also no less interesting as well. As it goes with any popular game, you can also found the Township hack for this game as well.

According to the Township review, most people who play this simulation game enjoy the gameplay and storyline used. The main objective of the game is to develop the town into big city. It is not an easy job to do. The game will introduce you with coins and cash as currencies of the game. You need both of them to upgrade the building on your town. There are several ways to collect them. The most popular way is by farming. The game involves series of plants that you can cultivate and harvest. The harvested crops can be sold by using train or ship to other town. The train and ship will return with other resources that will help you to upgrade the city.

Aside from collecting coins from farming, you can also go for exploration. Exploring mine and discovering land will give you more coins. Inside the mine, you will be able to find some valuable artifacts for your museum. Meanwhile, the discovered land promises exotic animals that you can collect to build your own zoo. Both museum and zoo will increase the income for your town. On the Township review, most players feel challenged to do the exploration and discovery.

When designing your town, normally you want it to looks impressive. The game also includes several unique building that you can unlock. You can decorate your town with interesting building like landmarks and flags. If you feel bored playing the game alone, you can invite your friend to the game as well. You can connect your town to the one belong to your friends in Google+ or Facebook. Due to this feature, Township gets numerous positive feedbacks that you can see from the Township review.

Handheld Game Console Buying Guides


There are a couple of best handheld game consoles that are available in the market today such as Nvidia Shield, Sony PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS XL. You have to consider that mobile consoles are developed whether it is from new versions or patches.

This article will give a couple of tips for those of you who want to purchase handheld game consoles. This post will be explained about multimedia applications, capabilities, and physical features. You have to keep in mind that the console should be worth using, fun, and portable.

Physical Features

Weight and screen are the two most important aspects if you talk about the physical features of the console. This aspect also comes with the kind of gaming media that has been used by the console such as digital download, disk, or cartridge. You also have to consider about a couple of internal and external devices such as Wi-Fi, microphone, and cameras.


The components of handheld game consoles are not very important if compared with a couple of computers and other home video game consoles. It is true that GPU, CPU, and RAM are the most important things in order to play the games, but this stuff will only give you a specific idea about the capability of this device, except the console provides remote play which is supported with another device. Meanwhile, you have to consider about the selection of the game and also the score of the exclusive games, the backward compatibility and diversity of titles with previous consoles.


It is crucial for you that there are a couple of other uses for the console when you are not playing. For those of you who are bored with the game that you play or you just want to have a break, it is better for you to switch over to a couple of applications such as Skype, YouTube, Hulu Plus, or Netflix. And also you have to check out the console which allows you to download movies or music on the memory card and that content can be played on your console.

Help and Support

Even though there are a couple of problem that have been rarely happened with handheld game consoles, you just have to make sure that you call the manufacturer and ask for help. It is well recommended for you to check out the support forums or FAQs. For those of you who want to get the contact, you just have to check out their email or telephone.

SimCity BuildIt Review and Positive Feedbacks

From the name, you might already guess that SimCity BuildIt is the franchise from SimCity game. The SimCity BuildIt review mentions several positive feedbacks related to this game. The game is categorized under the simulation genre. As it goes with the PC version, the same game developer called as Electronic Arts develops this smartphone version. The gameplay is not that different from the PC version. In general, the gameplay requires player to develop a city. The map used is close to the waterfront. There is already a highway on the side of the map. Players can unlock nearby map to expand the city.

When you read about the SimCity BuildIt review, you will find out that the game is not only challenging, but also exciting. The graphic is far from being realistic. However, the gameplay is close to what happens to real life. Before creating skyscraper building, players need to build road connected to default highway. In order to build this road, some resources need to be gathered. The money used to develop the building is mainly comes from taxes. Building residential area will create the best income of money to the city. Aside from residential area, players can also build industrial area and office area.

The other source of income from the city comes from selling product. The industrial area manufactured products that are stored on the city storage. It can be distributed to global market or to the citizens who need it. Collecting money is crucial thing in the game. No wonder that SimCity BuildIt review says that some players also use the SimCity BuildIt Hack to keep the money flowing. The game itself already includes in-app purchases that offer privileges for players. Players who use hack are mostly do not want to spend their money for the privileges. At the same time, it helps to accelerate the progress of city development as well.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this game is not something that you can win by simply paying for it. Some players manage to create metropolitan city without even spending their money on it. The key for this progress is how to spend the resources wisely. Several friendly tips offered on the SimCity BuildIt review will help players to go through their problem on the game. If you are interested on simulation game where you can build your own city, this game is the one you are looking for.

You Can Do It: Optimizing Laptop Performance

Besides smartphone, laptop is electronic device that we usually use everyday. Be it for finishing homework, working, or lurking around internet, those are the things that we usually do 24/7. However, as the times goes by, the performance is decreasing little by little. We have hard time in doing what we want with our laptop. Then, we are faced with a great dilemma: should we buy a new laptop? But, we do not think that it is a necessary action to take because the laptop is still pretty much new working, despite of some little problems. Now, is there a solution for this problem? Of course there is! All you need to do is optimizing laptop performance.



Now, what are the actions that you can do in optimizing laptop performance? You can start to rummage some tips on the internet by yourself or you can read some instructions that we have prepared for recovering this issue. Before that, it is important to you to note that the guidelines are mostly engaged with Windows users. Thus, it might not fit for the people who use Macbook or Linux. Okay, let us begin with the tips:

  1. Removing unused program

When you are using your laptop, you realize there are some programs that you do not use at all, but you never bother to remove them or anything. Now, it is time to take the action: remove them. Those unused programs actually cost some space in your laptop and it can influence the performance of your laptop. Well, you do not need those programs, why should you keep it? You can just uninstall it with no regret and later, you will find your laptop working better than usual, without having those unused programs.

  1. Run Disk Defragmenter

For some Windows users, this feature might be unknown but, actually you have this on your laptop; and this feature is really handy in optimizing laptop performance because it can help your laptop to access files faster. You can locate the feature by right-clicking a drive icon, then to select properties. After that, choose ‘Tools’ tab and click ‘Defragment Now’. This feature can free some space in your laptop and is pretty much useful but it can take many hours to defragment all the drives in one take. It is better if you need to set a perfect time to let your laptop defragment the hard drives, like using it when you are going to sleep or you are away from your computer for a long time.

  1. Operate Error Checking

Actually this action, it is a bit similar compared with the disk defragmenter. All you need is just to access the error checking feature by right clicking a drive icon and then to click properties. After you see the ‘Tools’ tab, choose “Check Now” in the “Error checking” part. Then, the laptop will try to find any damaged files in your laptop and recover those issues. It is best if you do this error checking at the scheduled time regularly, so you can keep your laptop running smoothly and of course, optimizing laptop performance.

Madden NFL 17 Has More Animations and Detail Gameplay


Welcome to the new Madden NFL 17 that has much improvement than other previous Madden games. This football series has now better running interface and will make you feel interesting all the time you play it. Moreover, you have more chance to play your desired team right now. The common issues that appear recently are about the bug and online co-op features. Overall, this game is very complete and detail especially as a Madden player. The previous series were became the real experience from EA Sport to develop Madden 17 properly. Let us see how far this game has been developed so far.


This is the most significant segment that we found on the Madden NFL 17 than the previous two series. The improved animations make this game more realistic and complex. The developer just has learned to present better movements and appropriate movements for the players. We have found plenty animations in this newest series by the way. If you have a good agility player, you can use the juke around your enemy’s defensive line. We have to appreciate this new interface especially for NFL lovers because they can get new experiences to play this sport video game.


In Madden NFL 17, you have two main roles here. You can be a player or an owner of a team. This game is more dramatic and thanks to the impact of the players’ decisions whatever the role that they have chosen. You can see the results by the end of every season. As the owner of the team, you can trade your players. In the end, you have to take the responsibility as the owner of the team. For an example here, you have to keep playing your key players until the end of the match or not. It takes some impacts for the fitness of the player and the backup players over there. Moreover, there are also solo challenges if you want to be more competitive while playing this game.


When you play previous series, you might found that you cannot skip the cinematic shoots of a match. But, the players are now able to skip it anytime they want. Overall, this game offers more realistic gameplay and graphics for NFL gamers all over the world. Likely, the developer focused on the strengths of the previous Madden NFL series this time. AS a result, they are successfully done it now. It would be rather than giving some new features on the Madden NFL 17.