Call of Duty: Infinite War Upgrades and Fix for the Bugs

There are some improvements and updates for the new Call of Duty: Infinite War. If you are playing the game on Xbox One or PS4, you should know that there are some updates for the 1.07 versions. You don’t have to worry about the bug issues anymore – they have been taken care of. You can be sure that the new improvements will be a blast. If you don’t believe it, check some of the website discussing the game and preview the video. There is no doubt that you would want to play the game ASAP.


Call of Duty: Infinite War Important Improvements

Guns are very important in this type of game. Without guns, you are hopeless – and be prepared to die. You can expect a new collection, names as Mark II. The cool thing about this gun is that you can get 15% XP for every kill you have made. In the event that you want to unlock some of the cool stuffs in Call of Duty: Infinite War, you can use the Zombies Crates or Supply Drops. There will be new accessories, calling cards, and even new camos options – complete with the animals, country flags, and so much more.


Call of Duty: Infinite War and the General Fix

There are also some additional general fix you can expect from this Call of Duty: Infinite War, such as:

  • The fix for the friendly players that aren’t visible on the minimal when control the R-C8 manually
  • The adjustment for the audio when it is being shot
  • The fix for some of the maps
  • The fix for MP split screen
  • The fix for the Team Assignment disable option so you don’t need to have the custom game mode anymore to pick a team


Those are just some improvements made by the new updates. And heads up for the different platforms or consoles – just to be in case. In the Xbox One, there will be performance improvement one when you are playing in the splitscreen mode – but such thing hasn’t been reported for the PS4.


Call of Duty: Infinite War Problems

Despite the upgrades, some of the avid gamers aren’t really happy with it. Most of them claim that the updates aren’t exactly what they have in mind.  In the event that you are playing the Xbox and you experience the error code POLANA, you may want to restart the game. Or you can change the setting to the Energy Saving mode –implement that for All Settings arrangement. For the Call of Duty: Infinite War PC version, it may take a little while.


SimCity BuildIt Review and Positive Feedbacks

From the name, you might already guess that SimCity BuildIt is the franchise from SimCity game. The SimCity BuildIt review mentions several positive feedbacks related to this game. The game is categorized under the simulation genre. As it goes with the PC version, the same game developer called as Electronic Arts develops this smartphone version. The gameplay is not that different from the PC version. In general, the gameplay requires player to develop a city. The map used is close to the waterfront. There is already a highway on the side of the map. Players can unlock nearby map to expand the city.

When you read about the SimCity BuildIt review, you will find out that the game is not only challenging, but also exciting. The graphic is far from being realistic. However, the gameplay is close to what happens to real life. Before creating skyscraper building, players need to build road connected to default highway. In order to build this road, some resources need to be gathered. The money used to develop the building is mainly comes from taxes. Building residential area will create the best income of money to the city. Aside from residential area, players can also build industrial area and office area.

The other source of income from the city comes from selling product. The industrial area manufactured products that are stored on the city storage. It can be distributed to global market or to the citizens who need it. Collecting money is crucial thing in the game. No wonder that SimCity BuildIt review says that some players also use the SimCity BuildIt Hack to keep the money flowing. The game itself already includes in-app purchases that offer privileges for players. Players who use hack are mostly do not want to spend their money for the privileges. At the same time, it helps to accelerate the progress of city development as well.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this game is not something that you can win by simply paying for it. Some players manage to create metropolitan city without even spending their money on it. The key for this progress is how to spend the resources wisely. Several friendly tips offered on the SimCity BuildIt review will help players to go through their problem on the game. If you are interested on simulation game where you can build your own city, this game is the one you are looking for.

Madden NFL 17 Has More Animations and Detail Gameplay


Welcome to the new Madden NFL 17 that has much improvement than other previous Madden games. This football series has now better running interface and will make you feel interesting all the time you play it. Moreover, you have more chance to play your desired team right now. The common issues that appear recently are about the bug and online co-op features. Overall, this game is very complete and detail especially as a Madden player. The previous series were became the real experience from EA Sport to develop Madden 17 properly. Let us see how far this game has been developed so far.


This is the most significant segment that we found on the Madden NFL 17 than the previous two series. The improved animations make this game more realistic and complex. The developer just has learned to present better movements and appropriate movements for the players. We have found plenty animations in this newest series by the way. If you have a good agility player, you can use the juke around your enemy’s defensive line. We have to appreciate this new interface especially for NFL lovers because they can get new experiences to play this sport video game.


In Madden NFL 17, you have two main roles here. You can be a player or an owner of a team. This game is more dramatic and thanks to the impact of the players’ decisions whatever the role that they have chosen. You can see the results by the end of every season. As the owner of the team, you can trade your players. In the end, you have to take the responsibility as the owner of the team. For an example here, you have to keep playing your key players until the end of the match or not. It takes some impacts for the fitness of the player and the backup players over there. Moreover, there are also solo challenges if you want to be more competitive while playing this game.


When you play previous series, you might found that you cannot skip the cinematic shoots of a match. But, the players are now able to skip it anytime they want. Overall, this game offers more realistic gameplay and graphics for NFL gamers all over the world. Likely, the developer focused on the strengths of the previous Madden NFL series this time. AS a result, they are successfully done it now. It would be rather than giving some new features on the Madden NFL 17.

The Banner Saga Strategies And Techniques To Combat

You will be able to overcome the darkness with these The Banner Saga Strategies, tips, and techniques. The Banner Saga is a new role playing game where you are playing in a team fighting enemies of darkness. Your duty is to stop an army of Dredge from invading through the forests and hills.

The Banner Saga


The Banner Saga Strategies In Combat

You will lead a team of 6 party members to fight against enemy’s team of 6 units. The Dredge is the common enemy you will encounter in addition to the Varl and evil humans. The best The Banner Saga Strategies to help you win in combat is by defeating your enemy quickly and focus to attack larger and stronger units first such as slingers. You will surely win with these tips since the remaining weaker units will only deal insignificant damages to your units. It is best to choose kill and expedite your opponent if you have to choose either AIM or KILL the enemy units. Make sure to use 4 spaces to defeat a Defender so moves carefully.

The Banner Saga Strategies In Health

The health of your units is affected by the strength and armor but it is more known as strength that also affects the attack power. A unit that takes more damage to their Strength will have lower attack. Before you attack enemy’s Strength, it is best to reduce armor of an enemy unit first in the attacking mode. In order to decrease their Strength, you can simply attack the enemy units that have a very high-level strength straightforwardly. Contrary, you must break the armor first if a unit has really high armor before you can take down the strength with this The Banner Saga Strategies. Choosing to attack unit’s Strength or Armor first allow you to reduce the enemy to half life.

The Banner Saga Strategies To Level Up Unit

Make sure you decide the unit’s role on the combat zone before upgrading their skills since you can only level up a unit up to 5. Your unit’s health and attack power is based on strength. Keep this stat as high as possible since its attack is lower if the unit is injured. The defense rating is dictated by the armor. Targeting unit’s Strength will damage unit’s Armor. Attacking the armor of an enemy will deal the amount of damage called Break. There is constant amount of break throughout a battle to reduce the enemy’s armor unlike strength. Remember this The Banner Saga Strategies to survive the battle.

Echo of Soul: The Good and the Bad of This Game

Echo of Soul

PC games seem to offer more and more adventurous game that is too much to discard. From the war game, adventurous game, futuristic game, narrative game with interactions, and other general game that is not too surprising yet not too disappointing either. One of the general or genric games that we are going to gain more is Echo of Soul.

This F2P MMORPG game which has been developed by Nvius seemed impressive from the first time it was published. Out of others MMORPG games, this game does not stand out compared to similar games with the common genres. Echo of Soul is not too good and not too bad. We can categorize it as the fair game. Here are the good and the bad points of this game so that you can have further information about it before having it in your computer.

What are the Good and the Bad of Echo of Soul?

All games are absolutely completed with the plus and minus points in the same level. There are no games that are very perfect without any imperfection at all. We are going to talk about the good that can be found in Echo of Soul.

  • Echo of Soul is able to show that the good visual is something important to have. Indeed, there is nothing special for this game to brag about. Thus, when you ask me about the score of this game, I would give 6 out of 10. In other words, this game does not give very pleasing visual.
  • In order to reach higher level in Echo of Soul, the users will praise the speed. The progress rises faster than other games. This is what I love about leveling in this game. Yet, there are not any significant differences whether you gain new level during the play or not because there are not surprising features after reaching new level.
  • The playing zone of this game is too wide. People are very interested and curious about their new zone to experience.

Meanwhile, there are also some bad points about Echo of Soul. Here is the quick glance about the bad.

  • As it was named, Echo of Soul has no soul at all. It is similar to its previous game, nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes the developer seems like imitating the previous game without adding something new and innovative.
  • Some parts of the game look that this game pays attention to earn a lot of money. Some pop up notifications will come out to offer you with certain promotion whose objective is to get more money instead of giving satisfaction for the users.

Cars: Fast As Lightning Tips and Tricks How To Be The Winner

Cars Fast As Lightning Cover


Cars: Fast as Lightning is a racing game for Smartphones and Tablets where you can join Lightning McQueen in the afresh released game. From impressive tracks in Radiator Springs to conversant characters from both the first Cars movie along with the second, you can fully plunge yourself in the Cars world. A few exciting jobs to complete include getting coins, modifying your tracks, and racing. Everyone would enjoy watching their favored cars, in consort with some new characters for all ages. To earn extra rewards, you can race alongside people you know on diverse tracks with the choice to add friends.

Everyone’s new favorite game

You will enjoy the game if you are extremely devoted to the Cars movie. You will get thrilled to play. There are very clear guide on how to move and finish missions as this game is very user friendly. You can get help from Lightning bubbles and Mater at the top left corner if you do not know what to do next. The intricate nature of the game is very impressing. Most games for kids are very simplistic, but Cars: Fast as Lightning allow you to get more coins and upgrade your stats by building up Radiator Springs not just racing against characters from the movie.

Absolutely Free To Play

In-app purchases are not a must in the Cars: Fast as Lightning. But it is an option if you’d like to buy things. You do not need to utilize the in-app purchase option as you can buy what you need using coins in the game earned from build up the town, additional races, and complete other tasks. Make sure that you have that setting switched off if your kids play this game. If you do not turn off this setting, the in-app purchasing is very easy to access. You can avoid additional charges when in-app purchasing settings are turned off.

This game is extremely addicting making it a fantastic game that makes you continue playing. It will definitely be a highlight making your own race tracks besides seeing and racing alongside accustomed characters. You will agree this is a great family game, or just general racing against each other. Cars: Fast as Lightning is the game for you if you recognize the Cars and love to race.


Rebuilding a whole town is the first part of the two key gameplay supports. There are those waiting bars and simple controls in Cars: Fast as Lightning just like other town building games. You can pay real life money to make them go faster. Without spending any money you are able to play the entire game although you have to wait fairly some time. So, when your little one is playing the game on your device, you will feel safe, especially as you are able to fully turn the IAP off.

By playing the race segments of the game and getting some gems, you can unlock everything without paying up. It is very simple for the races. You just need to hold down the gas pedal and let it go in a slide, and press it again when you’re ready. This is similar the old electric cars where you hold a controller with one button to accelerate. The Cassa Della, Luigi’s Tire shop, or Flo’s V8 Cafe are some Radiator Springs landmarks you can unlock in Cars: Fast as Lightning.


Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Tactict and Strategy Guides

Go to glory with a troop of Samurai, eastern imaginary monsters and Ninjas. Construct an immense stronghold from simple village. Build great soldiers and battle against other players. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is a Multiplayer free to play battle strategy game for Android or iOS. You have to build and upgrade your village and troop to defend or fight against armies of enemy samurai, battering rams, ninjas, and creatures.


Samurai Siege Tips and Tricks

Game features

As you fight evil through multiple environments from snowy mountains, opulent forests, and deserts, discover a mystic world. Seize booty and steal uncommon pieces by attacking other players from all over the world. Or create the most commanding Union by joining armies with other players. Strive to control the land and engage with other unions. Though it is free to play, there is in-game purchase using real money. You can chat and share battles with your team.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is way more much better combatant system and balanced than CoC. Make sure you figure out how to play the game so you know how to protect your base. Upgrading is easy and you are hardly spending diamond to max out level 10 Castle. The game requires you to play more often a week just to keep up. This game allows you to imagine of being a samurai. Wearing sword by your side and an awesome suit of armor, you can dispense cold hard justice when necessary and protect the people of small villages.

First impressions

You can predict that Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is Clash of Clans clone with a Japanese theme. The game plot is about how your village is demolished after a raid. You must rebuild and gather resources to get strong. Resources include Essence and Coins. You build defenses using Coins, and train new troops using Essence. Your troops can be sent to battles but there is no direct control over them. Just hit on location and they will appear and attack buildings automatically. You can collect more resources or defend your village by building new buildings, and then wait for them to complete. Otherwise, you can spend real money to speed up the process.


You have to spend $4.99 to get 1,000 Diamonds. From adding up your Coins and Essence to avoiding wait timers, every type of activity can use these diamonds. You can add your Essence full ten times 50 percent, hop about two days’ wait time worth, or five times add your Coins up With 1,000 Diamonds.


You can request troops from the get-go to rebuild the Alliance Portal. The Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars will always propose you battle an online opponent when you start out to battle. And you get involved with Wars the moment you’re in an Alliance. You can dominate the leaderboards battle fighting for all Alliances one another in Wars. This is the different to the Clash of Clans. Wait times are a little too long. The ninjas can be unlocked that specialize in stealing money. All troops you use in battles will be lost for good.

How to Play Clash of Lords 2

Clash Of Lords 2


Clash of Lords 2 becomes the interesting game for many people nowadays. Have you ever heard about this game? For you who have the android gadget surely you know about this game. You can get it easily by downloading this game in the google play store. Well, there are many interesting games can be downloaded in your android such this game. This game is created by which is also the developer of the games Castle Clash. For the new player, you need many things should be known. This is because to play this game you need to have the strategy.

So, how to play Clash of Lords 2?

Okay, let’s start with the things should be known in playing Clash of Lords 2. The game is played by building the village. You need to build the village also save it from the enemy. The first thing should be known is about the bases in playing this game. When you are playing a game, surely you want to up to the next level. If you play this game, you can up your level at the time when you are creating the building also in the war situation.

Then, you need to have the gold in playing this game. The gold can be used for the source in building your village. So, you need to play this game with the good strategy and get the gold to make your village be saved. The other things are trophy, ring, and also the soul. They have the different function such soul to upgrade your hero, ring to upgrade your hero skill, and also the trophy can you get when you won the game of Clash of Lords 2.

For you who are the newbie in playing this game, you need the smart strategy. Firstly, you need to increase your downtown. Then, you need to place the defense in the right place. It will help you to save your building from the enemy. You can use your hero as good as possible to save your village also. You need to increase the power of your wall and your defense so that you will get the big chance to win. The most important thing should be known is about the gold. You need to collect the gold as many as possible to build your village. That’s a much bit about Clash of Clans 2 which can be your nice information.

What Should You Know Before Playing Heroes Charge

Heroes Charge is the nice online game can you play in your android. Nowadays, most of the people like to play online games because the high technology created that provides so many things can be used to play the game. There are so many online games which are addicting the people from the children, especially teenager, and some adults do it also. Some games are using the character of the adorable heroes from the film and some other sources. Well, this article just wants to tell you about how to play this game so that you can do it yourself.


Heroes charge


What should be known in playing Heroes Charge?

There are some things to be known well if you want to play this game. Yes, this game is unique and pleasant because the nice animation characters used. The characters can be shown on the heroes menu on the wall of this game. You can choose the heroes you like in this menu. When you choose the heroes, you can also upgrade the skill of the heroes you want. There are three levels on the hero’s skill, red for the strong, agility with the sign of the green shoes, and also intelligent with the sign of blue brain.

Guys, you can place your heroes at some position, at the back, center, or at the front. The nice position of your heroes will make your hero save from the rival. The other menu you will see in the game Heroes Charge is about the Inventory menu. You can see the nice things in this inventory menu. There will be so many items have been collected in this menu. All items from the campaign and the others collected in this menu guys!

The other menus such as Quests menu, daily event menu, main town, and also battle system will you see in this game also. The quests menu shows you about some quests have been quested. So, you will know about how far your ability in doing quests. Then, the daily event menu will show you to do the claims reward have been finished in a day. Well, you can download it as soon as possible and get the wonderful time in playing this game! If you are still confused with this game, it is surely that you can play it directly after having it in your gadget. Have a wonderful time in playing Heroes Charge guys!