Basic Roblox Guide for the Outset

Roblox is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) which allows you to create your-robot-self and design your virtual world with blocks, which initiate the imagination of the users. So, here are some basic points of Roblox guide which will help you to start. Before we start for the guides, it is necessary for you to have Roblox Studio. However, if you have already played a Roblox game, the studio will have been automatically installed. If haven’t, you can get it in the Roblox website.

For the first step, open your Roblox Studio. The studio will show the welcome page and just choose one of the game templates. After you make the new game, you have to modify the parts or the blocks. There are some tools inside the studio to modify the part. “Move tool” allows you to move the parts, “rotate tool” to rotate the parts, “scale tool” to resize the parts, “color tool” to give your parts with some different colors, and “material tool” to let you choose the material of each part. Then, click the “save”, so you can start your game online.

Another Roblox guide is to make the building. You have to make the foundation first by using part button. Change the color and the material of each part. For the foundation, you can use metal or wood with black or brown color. Design your foundation. You can also use the copy and paste button to make it easier.

In addition, don’t forget to create windows. For windows, you can use blue color. To make the windows transparent, open the properties window then click on the glass part. Find transparency, and set it as you like.

Well, following Roblox guide to create the door is clearly important. First, make a rectangular frame for the door and create 1x1x1 part then place it on the right-bottom of the frame, it is to hold the hinges for the door, so it allows rotation for the door. Click the surface tool and choose hinge. Make another 1x1x1 part on the right-top of the frame and do the same. Then, make a new part for the door itself, and scale it so it fits with the frame. However, if it doesn’t perfectly fit the frame, make it smaller than the frame to allow the door to open.

After you learn those basic simple things, it would be fun to play. You can also learn about the Roblox hack, so you will get more fun. However, the Roblox guide above is enough to ensure your happy Roblox gameplay.