You Can Do It: Optimizing Laptop Performance

Besides smartphone, laptop is electronic device that we usually use everyday. Be it for finishing homework, working, or lurking around internet, those are the things that we usually do 24/7. However, as the times goes by, the performance is decreasing little by little. We have hard time in doing what we want with our laptop. Then, we are faced with a great dilemma: should we buy a new laptop? But, we do not think that it is a necessary action to take because the laptop is still pretty much new working, despite of some little problems. Now, is there a solution for this problem? Of course there is! All you need to do is optimizing laptop performance.



Now, what are the actions that you can do in optimizing laptop performance? You can start to rummage some tips on the internet by yourself or you can read some instructions that we have prepared for recovering this issue. Before that, it is important to you to note that the guidelines are mostly engaged with Windows users. Thus, it might not fit for the people who use Macbook or Linux. Okay, let us begin with the tips:

  1. Removing unused program

When you are using your laptop, you realize there are some programs that you do not use at all, but you never bother to remove them or anything. Now, it is time to take the action: remove them. Those unused programs actually cost some space in your laptop and it can influence the performance of your laptop. Well, you do not need those programs, why should you keep it? You can just uninstall it with no regret and later, you will find your laptop working better than usual, without having those unused programs.

  1. Run Disk Defragmenter

For some Windows users, this feature might be unknown but, actually you have this on your laptop; and this feature is really handy in optimizing laptop performance because it can help your laptop to access files faster. You can locate the feature by right-clicking a drive icon, then to select properties. After that, choose ‘Tools’ tab and click ‘Defragment Now’. This feature can free some space in your laptop and is pretty much useful but it can take many hours to defragment all the drives in one take. It is better if you need to set a perfect time to let your laptop defragment the hard drives, like using it when you are going to sleep or you are away from your computer for a long time.

  1. Operate Error Checking

Actually this action, it is a bit similar compared with the disk defragmenter. All you need is just to access the error checking feature by right clicking a drive icon and then to click properties. After you see the ‘Tools’ tab, choose “Check Now” in the “Error checking” part. Then, the laptop will try to find any damaged files in your laptop and recover those issues. It is best if you do this error checking at the scheduled time regularly, so you can keep your laptop running smoothly and of course, optimizing laptop performance.

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