Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Tactict and Strategy Guides

Go to glory with a troop of Samurai, eastern imaginary monsters and Ninjas. Construct an immense stronghold from simple village. Build great soldiers and battle against other players. Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is a Multiplayer free to play battle strategy game for Android or iOS. You have to build and upgrade your village and troop to defend or fight against armies of enemy samurai, battering rams, ninjas, and creatures.


Samurai Siege Tips and Tricks

Game features

As you fight evil through multiple environments from snowy mountains, opulent forests, and deserts, discover a mystic world. Seize booty and steal uncommon pieces by attacking other players from all over the world. Or create the most commanding Union by joining armies with other players. Strive to control the land and engage with other unions. Though it is free to play, there is in-game purchase using real money. You can chat and share battles with your team.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is way more much better combatant system and balanced than CoC. Make sure you figure out how to play the game so you know how to protect your base. Upgrading is easy and you are hardly spending diamond to max out level 10 Castle. The game requires you to play more often a week just to keep up. This game allows you to imagine of being a samurai. Wearing sword by your side and an awesome suit of armor, you can dispense cold hard justice when necessary and protect the people of small villages.

First impressions

You can predict that Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars is Clash of Clans clone with a Japanese theme. The game plot is about how your village is demolished after a raid. You must rebuild and gather resources to get strong. Resources include Essence and Coins. You build defenses using Coins, and train new troops using Essence. Your troops can be sent to battles but there is no direct control over them. Just hit on location and they will appear and attack buildings automatically. You can collect more resources or defend your village by building new buildings, and then wait for them to complete. Otherwise, you can spend real money to speed up the process.


You have to spend $4.99 to get 1,000 Diamonds. From adding up your Coins and Essence to avoiding wait timers, every type of activity can use these diamonds. You can add your Essence full ten times 50 percent, hop about two days’ wait time worth, or five times add your Coins up With 1,000 Diamonds.


You can request troops from the get-go to rebuild the Alliance Portal. The Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars will always propose you battle an online opponent when you start out to battle. And you get involved with Wars the moment you’re in an Alliance. You can dominate the leaderboards battle fighting for all Alliances one another in Wars. This is the different to the Clash of Clans. Wait times are a little too long. The ninjas can be unlocked that specialize in stealing money. All troops you use in battles will be lost for good.

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How To Play Clash Of Clans

First you need to know is the goal from this game is develop village and keep your own village safe from other player, so the first thing you need to do is build strong defense to protect your village, after that you can start to train army to attack other village, you can start by build an wall all around your village and then cannon or archer tower to protect the village.

The second step is build resources. Resources are the most essential thing in clash of clans you can’t build something without resources. There are 2 types of resources in clash of clans. They are gold and elixir. You need gold to build and upgrade your defense such as mortar, cannon, archer tower, and wizard tower. And you will need elixir to upgrade and build army and spell. So you will need elixir collector and gold mine to produce both elixir and gold. You will allow building 2 elixir collector and 2 gold mines in the first time. So if you have enough elixir and gold you should build the elixir storage and gold mine.

The third step is, train your army to attack other village, in the first time you will only allow to use barbarian to attack both in multiplayer or single player mode. Train 20 barbarians and wait 5 minutes to finish the train. You can deploy your entire barbarian at once or spread it around the village it your call. If you win the battle you will get 2000 gold and elixir that you can use for train army or upgrade your defense. That all the basic from playing clash of clans! It is hope this article can help to people who want to try playing clash of clans.

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